"In these days of mass production, thankfully you can still have the shoemaker."

Ryder Cup & Newbridge Silverware

Tuttys Handmade Shoes have combined their skill and craft with Newbridge Silverware and fashioned a stunning set of silver commemorative golf shoes to co-incide with the Ryder Cup in Ireland.

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Our Craft

Our Process

Since we were first established by George Tutty over 60 years ago, we have not altered the process of crafting an individual’s shoes from the precise requirements of their feet.

First, we make a wooden ‘last’ for each foot. This is perhaps the most critical, exact and precise stage of the process, requiring a craftsman’s skill and patience. As shoemakers, we must be slow, careful, and painstakingly detailed, as we take pride in having to take your measurements only once.

Once we have your last detailed, we choose the type and nature of material to be used. We have many styles and patterns, always using only the finest quality materials. From orthotic to equestrian, we can offer you the practical combined with contemporary fashion that will give you a unique pair of shoes - just for you. We can be very creative with almost any material.

Once the material is chosen and cut out to measure, it is glued to the last, to stretch it into shape. Then the leather is cut for the linings - upper and inner. ‘Clickers’ cut the upper leather. The linings for inside the leather are critical for your comfort and made with appropriate care and dilligence. The inner layer is then stiched to the upper under the critical eye of our craftsmen.

Next, the leather for the heels and souls are cut, and fitted to the last. The insoles are cut perfectly to match the last. The leathers are continually stretched and clamped and a top-buff is inserted between the top cap and the inner lining to protect toes.

Then the heels are laid down in layers to reflect the precise requirements for each foot, and the the final decorative adjustments applied and the leather is given a final cleaning.